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International Day of Happiness

The International Day of Happiness falls on 20 March in 2024 and has the theme of ‘Happier Together’.


There is a great deal we can do as geographers to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. We can:

  • share good new stories from around the world
  • shout out about people who make us and others happy
  • encourage people to think about what makes them happy and how they could make their lives happier
  • make a display using some of these happy images from the UN
  • share ideas for being happier together by joining school/local/online groups.


The GA International Special Interest Group has produced two resources to help geography teachers celebrate the International Day of Happiness with their students.

  • Meg Picken has created a lesson resource for students to find out more about happiness, including their own happiness and the Global Happiness Index. This resource includes suggestions for activities for primary and secondary teachers
  • Catherine Owen has produced a photo set of 15 places in Europe with the theme ‘Happy Holidays’. This could be used to explore which places students would feel happy to visit, develop their ability to describe photos and provide a springboard for activities such as planning their own ‘happy holiday’.


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