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Water Explorer

Water Explorer

Water Explorer is an award winning international programme that is designed to inspire 8-14 year-olds (KS2-3) to lead action on water issues. Its online resources are freely available, and cover a wide range of topics from the ‘secret’ embedded water in the food we eat and the clothes we buy, to the disparities in water use and access around the world.

Water Explorer provides numerous opportunities for developing geographical knowledge and skills, whether that be through monitoring the water quality of a local river, lake, or pond with our MiniSASS Challenge, for instance, or even connecting with other Water Explorers in different countries to understand more about weather events like floods and droughts in Drenched or Dry. Additionally, all the activities are structured to engage and develop students’ key soft skills including communication, teamwork, project management, and problem solving. With clearly signposted links to the Sustainable Development Goals, Water Explorer also offers a pathway into exploring the Global Goals with students.

Participating schools become part of an online community of water-conscious schools around the world with a focus on encouraging curiosity, and promoting change in their local community. They also have the chance to win points and prizes, and attend our Celebration Event for top teams at the end of the year!

Register your school at to gain full access to all our resources, or for more information contact Amber at


Resources (PDF)

MiniSASS – Lesson Plan

Drenched or Dry – Lesson Plan

Global Water Connections – Lesson Plan

The Water We Eat – Lesson Plan

Flushed Away – Lesson Plan

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