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World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day, 7 July. Photo © Vanessa Lollipop


Introduction and Overview

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 7 July. These two resources have been developed by the GA’s International Special Interest Group to help you use this event to develop your students’ geographical understanding.



World Chocolate Day: KS2 and 3

This resource includes everything you need for a KS2 or KS3 lesson on chocolate, including where cacao is produced, fair trade chocolate, how chocolate is made, and the past relationship between chocolate and slavery. It includes photographs and a video from the GA Study Tour to Nicaragua in 2022.

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World Chocolate Day: How did the development, closure and regeneration of the chocolate factory affect people in Keynsham in the UK? KS3 and 4

This resource is designed to be a full lesson focussing on the causes and impacts of deindustrialisation in the UK using the example of the Somerdale Chocolate Factory in Keynsham. It refers to the roles of a TNC and globalisation in the change, the impact of the loss of the factory and the way the site has been regenerated.

Students are challenged to carry out a cost benefit analysis and decide if the benefits of the closure and regeneration outweigh the costs. This lesson could compliment the teaching of the GCSE ‘Changing Economic World’ topic, but could also be used at KS3. With thanks to Susan Owen for providing an oral history of her involvement with the Somerdale site.

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This Teaching Resource was written for the Geographical Association by Meg Picken and Catherine Owen.

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