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The GA launches ‘Geography from home’ section

The GA launched a new section of website guidance and support, called ‘Geography from home’.

We recognise that during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the majority of school students are studying geography from home, supported by their parents and carers as well as through the online activities set by their teachers. ‘Geography from home’ will provide students and families with a growing range of ideas, resources and links to support high-quality geographical learning. Our aim is to share the GA’s expertise in geography education in new and creative ways.

Geography from home includes quizzes to test geographical knowledge, activities to inspire geographical investigations around the home, garden or local area and support for students preparing for A level or university geography courses in coming months.

GA Chief Executive Alan Kinder said:

“The coronavirus pandemic is having profound effects on the way we live our lives at present. Keeping everyone safe from harm remains the priority, but with imagination and determination we can also find ways to sustain high quality geographical education for all. I hope ‘Geography from home’ will help students and their families make the best possible use of their local surroundings for geographical investigation. At the same time, our resources include case study material from across the world and help young people to keep their horizons as wide as possible during this unprecedented period of lockdown and social distancing.”

Please note the ‘Geography from home’ section of the website is no longer available. If you urgently require a copy of any of the pages please get in touch.